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Today, coaching centres also face challenges from online education aggregators, especially in small towns and rural areas, where internet penetration has been growing rapidly. A survey of 10,000 students by Gradeup, an education technology platform, found that 90 per cent preferred online learning to real-world classes for entrance examinations. And the online education industry is growing -- a KPMG report estimates that the user base, 1.6 million in 2016, will grow to 9.6 million by 2021. Perhaps this is why many big private coaching firms have ventured into the online domain. Hopefully, this will make structured coaching more accessible, helping students rise past geographic and economic barriers.

Best Coaching Institute Ranking 2019

Gaining admission to a premier institute for a BTech, an MBBS or an MBA course is a matter of pride for both students and their parents. However, it is not an easy task.


As a result of the very few seats available (compared to the number of applicants), competition for admission to India's top institutes is fierce. Students generally enrol in private coaching institutes to prepare themselves, since school curriculums and teaching goals are geared toward board exams, not competitive entrance examinations. However, given the number of private coaching institutes these days, students and parents are saddled with yet another cumbersome task -- selecting the right one.

To make this task easier, India Today, in association with Marketing & Development Research Associates (MDRA), a reputed market research agency, has developed a ranking of such institutes. This being the first year of this ranking, only those institutes preparing students for the top three competitive exams were ranked:


  • NEET (UG)/ AIIMS/ JIPMER, for admissions to the top medical colleges


To ensure a robust ranking, MDRA's methodology incorporates data from all relevant stakeholders, including current and former faculty members, current students and alumni at the various IITs, IIMs and medical colleges. Additionally, the ranking includes a great deal of objective data, submitted by the institutions themselves.

The ranking methodology was developed in the following phases:

a) Desk Review and Expert Opinion: A list of established coaching institutes that offer classroom training to aspirants sitting for engineering, medical and MBA entrance examinations was developed. This list included over 400 institutes across India, to ensure that all regions and zones were well represented in the survey.

b) Parameter SelectionTo establish a sound footing for the ranking, key parameters were identified to differentiate good coaching institutes from the not-so-good. These parameters were determined through in-depth interviews with experts in the field and incorporated perspectives from parents whose children had already been through the competitive examination process. Based on these deliberations, the following 5 parameters were chosen:

1) Intake Quality & Fees -- Including student selection criteria, age of the institution, fees and scholarships, etc.

2) Faculty Quality -- Including faculty qualifications, years of teaching experience, the institute's student-faculty ratio, student interaction, etc.

3) Learning Resources -- Including institute infrastructure, location, quality of study and test materials, etc.

4) Training Process -- Including skill development, personal attention, evaluation and feedback mechanisms, teaching methodology, time management training, stress management, etc.

5) Outcomes -- Including selection ratio, average rank attained by students, spread of selections across different centres, post-exam counselling, consistency of student selection to top institutes, etc.

c) Determination of Weights: Subject matter experts were asked to give weights to each parameter. These weights were used to decide the relative weights of the parameters and sub-parameters.

d) Perceptual Survey: 1,636 experienced respondents -- including faculty members with teaching experience at multiple coaching institutes, students currently enrolled at these institutes and alumni who successfully gained admission at top institutes in the country -- were interviewed. The questionnaire was administered to respondents by trained investigators across the country, including in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Lucknow, Kota, Ghaziabad, Roorkee, Varanasi, Mumbai, Indore, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mysuru, Kolkata and Patna.

e) Experiential Survey: To make the ranking more robust, an experiential survey was designed and administered to 405 alumni of these coaching institutes. Respondents were asked to rate the institutes on five parameters.

f) Objective Survey: Based on these parameters, sub-parameters and attributes, an objective questionnaire was prepared for coaching institutes. Institutes were asked to submit their replies along with documentary proof of each fact claimed. Coaching institutes were contacted through multiple routes, including formal invitations, telephonic and e-mail follow-ups, etc.

g) Assignment of Ranking: Institutes were ranked based on the combined scores of their perceptual surveys, the objective data they provided themselves, and their experiential scores, in the ratio of 75 per cent, 20 per cent and 5 per cent, respectively. Since this is the first year of the survey, there was limited participation of institutes in respect to the objective data -- therefore, the weight given to institutes' objective score was intentionally kept low. This will increase significantly over the coming years. The total combined scores obtained by all coaching institutes were then arranged in descending order, with the institute scoring the highest marks being allotted first rank, and so on.

A large team, comprising researchers, statistician, analysts and investigators worked on this project from March-June 2019. The MDRA core team was led by Abhishek Agrawal, executive director, and comprised project director Abnish Jha and research e


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