NEET के नये प्रावधान पर विशेषज्ञों ने उठाये सवाल


कोटा के लोकप्रिय एवं  student हित के लिए सदैव मुद्दे मे जान फुक्ने वाले  डॉ. अमित गुप्ता ने NEET के नये प्रावधानों पर ये सवाल उठाये हैँ



My request to all medical students is Not to Panic and let the Government come up with more clarity in the issue

Although media is full of reports but, I still couldn't find anything on the official website of PIB

◆कुछ बातें जो मुझे समझ नहीं आ रहीं है वह इस प्रकार हैं :

1) There are numerous universities and medical colleges across the nation.

How will it be possible for the government to organize a Single final MBBS exam on a Single dates schedule with a Single question papers in various subjects (because difficulty level has to be the uniform)


2) Now if you include the foreign medical graduates also then how do you expect all the medical colleges of the world to finish their courses on schedule with Indian medical colleges so that FMG students also are able to appear in NEXT without time loss and take admissions in PG courses simultaneously?


3) In Final MBBS examination, apart from theory papers, Marks are also awarded for internal assessment / Viva / Practical's

How will it lead to a Fair Evaluation among students from all over India facing different examiners in theory & viva?


4) Will this Not Lead to more Corruption and unfair practices to approach examiner through contacts & money in an attempt to fetch more marks?


5) Individual Private medical colleges can tempt students with assurance of awarding good internal marks in this exam


6) What about those doctors who are serving in rural areas with a hope to get reservation in PG seat, nothing is clarified so far


7) What about those MBBS doctors who passed out few years back and were now preparing for NEET-PG

Will they have to write final MBBS exam again and secure a merit to get admission in PG?


8) Which institutions will the government authorize to conduct NEXT for already passed out Indian medical graduates and foreign medical graduates?


There are many more questions unanswered...


■My Question to the policy makers is that whether they have really included "Doctors" in their panel before making such rules which prima facie appear "RIDICULOUS and AMBIGUOUS"


■Opinion/Comments/Questions challenging these new rules are invited


■Valuable opinions given in the comment box will be noted down and can be included in Legal Petitions challenging the government (if required to do so)


फेसबुक पोस्ट से साभार






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